Announcing Instant Margining System (IMS)

Announcing Instant Margining System (IMS)

We’ve released our new Instant Margining System (IMS) which substantially improves the speed, stability and user friendliness of the trading platform.

  • Mark prices, margin and PnL recalculate several times per second
  • Indices calculate once per second based on the CME CF Methodology
  • Effective leverage and return on equity (ROE) show on open positions tab
  • Close position at market price in two clicks
  • Detailed statistics upon any liquidation/termination sent via email
  • Public trades history identifies liquidations (“L”) and terminations (“T”)

There are also some important differences in the margin parameters in the new system.

The margin parameters are now only Initial Margin (IM) and Maintenance Margin (MM). If your portfolio value falls below Maintenance Margin, your position will be liquidated (or terminated if liquidation is not possible). Maintenance Margin is set at half of the Initial Margin, which remains at 2% for XBT:USD Futures and at 5% for XRP:USD and XRP:XBT Futures.

You can find more detail (with examples) here.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any comments or questions.